Business Solutions

We are tech’s business consigliere in Silicon Valley: we resolve the business needs including, business development, financing, M&A, and all strategic advice At Liquidity Fund, we work with later-stage companies. We develop great companies, led by smart and passionate founders, located in multi-billion dollar industries, and having great technological solutions customers desire. We are grateful for the companies who have chosen us, feel lucky to collaborate with brilliant people; passionate about their stakeholders. We require companies to be two years from exit and have achieved success within their niche. Along with money, we focus on creating successful outcomes for our companies; we put our own skin in the game. Companies choose us because they want people as impassioned and driven as themselves. They look to our team to provide the complement to their own. We look for collaboration, based on mutual respect, and accountability. No excuses.

Investment Problems

Problems with early-stage private equity investing: Investors want the alpha from early-stage private equity in their portfolio, but don’t know how to add this asset class to their portfolio due to unique issues, including; Lack of liquidity. The average position liquidates in 10-12 years. Short odds of companies surviving. 90% of startup companies will not survive and 75% of startups will not return any investor capital. Difficulty managing risk mitigation in the portfolio. Too many positions. investors have to hold between 20–30 companies in order to achieve diversification. Too much time. The average time spent by an angel investor on due-diligence activities (mentoring, serving on boards, financial monitoring, etc.) was 20 hours per week. The top quintile of investors spend over 40 hours per week.

Investment Solutions

We take a unique approach, targeting later-stage companies less than 2 years away from liquidity. For these companies making millions of dollars in revenue, we provide a path to investor liquidity. This can be done either through mergers and acquisitions (M&A) or initial public offerings (IPOs). Investors simplify their investments: Buy one fund, therefore saving time and alleviating the need for multiple rounds of due-diligence activities; and by working with later-stage companies, investment outcomes are improved.

Reasons to work with us

Strategic Advice: Globalization as a Service (GAAS)
A network of professionals, including accountants, lawyers, and bankers
A plan for strategic capital acquisition
Business development review and assistance
Help raising revenues across six continents
Outsourced CFO, CTO, web development, backend development, and mobile development Promotion strategy review

Meet the Team

Jonathon Angell: Managing Director, Liquidity Fund Experienced angel investor, technologist, investment banker, and strategic consultant. Skilled in the full life-cycle management of capital raises from angels and institutions (seed to public offering) and M&A transactions from origination to closing including financial analysis, valuations, deal marketing, deal structuring, deal negotiation, target identification, and board-level presentations. Jonathon has presented at conferences on such topics as mergers and acquisitions, early-stage (startup) capital investment strategies, corporate governance, venture capital returns, and project finance. He holds a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree, is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Certified Financial Manager (CFM), and presently serves on various Boards.

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